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Rhebus Networks' Privacy Policy


We will never pass on your email address, or other contact details, to any 3rd party.
We store the minimum amount of information required to deal with customer requests and operate customer accounts, and we fully comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Our company records are kept confidential and only accessed by company personnel in the course of their work.
No information will be passed on to any 3rd parties.

Our servers are located in a secure location and operated in a secure manner to prevent access to a customer's data or other information by other customers or outside hackers.
Where possible we allow and encourage encrypted connections to our servers.

We will keep unsolicited communication between ourselves and our customers, not directly related to current projects or the operation of their account, to a reasonable minimum and confine it to advisories on changes to services, price structure or operational procedures.

We will co-operate with the Police and other appropriate UK security authorities investigating criminal activity by allowing them access to our company records and server logs.


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