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We sell Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections into the UK, US and Germany

Sounds nerdy, but there are several reasons why a VPN is a really useful thing:-


Bypass Restictions to what you can do on the Internet:-

Make your PC appear to be located in the UK or US

Encrypt all your Internet traffic

Unblock access to your Company's VPN Server

Access to an SMTP server is included


How our system works:-

Diagram of how our VPN server system works

How much does it cost?

Buy now



from £5.80/month


What people say about us...

"I would never expect 2 megs all the way from Thailand ...not with over 30 hops to get here!
In fact most competitor services give about 400/500 kbps using speedtest.net but yours, most times, gives 700+ which is enough for live streaming TV which I enjoy most as there is something very special in watching direct from the UK as opposed to recorded/downloaded material."


If you're a company you can use our VPN services to:-

Make a VPN connection to us from your Server or Router

Use our Mail-Servers to send and receive all your emails over an Encrypted link

Use our DNS servers, instead of your ISP's, to bypass any DNS Filtering


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